Interesting Facts About Burj Khalifa

14 Feb 2022
Interesting Facts About Burj Khalifa

Beside of being the world’s tallest building.. Interesting facts about Burj Khalifa ..

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and a global icon. The building is a true technical marvel, representing the conceptual heart and soul of Dubai. This extraordinary tower, which stands 828 meters tall and is located close to Dubai Mall, has attracted visitors from all over the world since its debut in 2010. The unparalleled Burj Khalifa view may be enjoyed from not one, but two observation decks: the two-story At the Top on the 124th and 125th floors, and one of the world’s highest observation decks (555m) on the 148th floor.

What record does Burj Khalifa hold?

In addition to its status as the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa boasts six additional world records. It holds the title for being the tallest freestanding structure globally, possessing the most stories, boasting the highest occupied floor, featuring the highest outdoor observation deck, housing the elevator with the longest travel distance, and hosting the tallest service elevator.

Who Made It To The Top?

In spite of the high number of the visitors that Burj Khalifa hosts, yet there are 7 people only who made it to the rooftop.

Tom Cruise- 2010

In his impressive career, Tom Cruise did something daring by climbing up the outside of the Burj Khalifa in the fourth Mission Impossible movie. He had to wear a special safety harness attached to the building. The director, Brad Bird, who is known for making animated movies like The Incredibles and Ratatouille, asked experts for advice to make sure everything was safe. Cruise did his own stunts, including the famous Burj Khalifa scene, which showed how dedicated he was to his work.

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum – 2018

In 2018, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, demonstrated his athleticism by climbing the 160 floors of the Burj Khalifa in just 38 minutes, setting a new record. A video documented the ascent from the ground up, showing Hamdan and his team wearing weighted jackets before starting the climb. When he reached the 160th floor, the Crown Prince celebrated triumphantly, though visibly exhausted, showcasing the physical challenge of this remarkable feat.

Nicole Smith-Ludvik -2021

In a widely shared advertising campaign by Emirates Airlines in 2021, Nicole Smith-Ludvik became a global sensation by standing atop the Burj Khalifa. This daring act, where she displayed sheets of paper bearing the message ‘I’m still here’ and other statements, firmly established her as the sole woman to ever perch atop the tallest building in the world.

Will Smith -2021

Renowned figure in the entertainment industry, Will Smith, who has been nominated for an Oscar, achieved a notable feat in his already illustrious career by ascending the Burj Khalifa. Chronicling his journey of weight loss in a YouTube series, Will utilized the tower’s 2,909 stairs for a cardio workout, culminating in reaching the top of the spire. Joined by his personal trainer Aaron Ferguson, the video captured Will’s accomplishment of conquering the 160 floors in 51 minutes, as part of his series titled “Best Shape of My Life.”

Sam Sunderland – 2022

In 2022, British motorcycle racer Sam Sunderland stepped out of his typical desert racing environment to shoot a promotional video atop the Burj Khalifa. Sponsored by Dubai Tourism and Red Bull, Sunderland wore his complete riding attire as he scaled the tallest tower in the world. The short video, titled “Yalla,” showed him climbing a metal ladder and eventually reaching the summit of Dubai’s iconic landmark.

Alain Robert and Alexis Landot – 2023

In an extraordinary achievement in November 2023, well-known climbers Alain Robert and Alexis Landot ascended the Burj Khalifa to kick off a worldwide mountain clean-up initiative. Following safety protocols, they relied on ropes and harnesses but did not use any additional tools or aid. Scaling the building’s exterior and facing obstacles such as high winds and intense heat, the pair showcased the power of human perseverance in overcoming seemingly impossible challenges.