Everything you need know to about Ain Dubai on Bluewaters Dubai

06 Sep 2022
Everything you need know to about Ain Dubai on Bluewaters Dubai

Dubai specialises in breaking world records. And when it comes to mega-sized projects, the city is top of the tree. And just for good measure, another ribbon will be placed on the city’s ever growing lapel when Ain Dubai launches later this year on Bluewaters Dubai.

The world’s largest observation wheel, and already an Instagram favourite thanks to its stunning light displays at night, Ain Dubai will no doubt be going on many tourists’ must-see lists after Forbes declared it as one of the bucket list attractions of 2021.

It’s been confirmed to open to the public on Thursday October 21, so here’s your essential guide to Ain Dubai.

Where is Ain Dubai?

Bluewaters Dubai, meaning Ain Dubai will be joining the likes of Caesars Palace and Caesars Resort on the development that opened in 2018. The island is accessible from the mainland by a bridge from Sheikh Zayed Road. Visitors can also reach the island via a 15-minute walk using the pedestrian bridge from Jumeirah Beach Residence. There are stunning views from Bluewaters of the Arabian Gulf, Palm Jumeirah and JBR.

How big is Ain Dubai?

Ain Dubai stands at more than 250 metres high. For comparison, The Statue of Liberty rises 93 metres from the ground and the Eiffel Tower sits at 324m. The Burj Khalifa still dwarfs it though, towering at a mighty 830 meters. More than 9,000 tonnes steel was used during the construction of Ain Dubai. That’s more than 25 percent than the aforementioned Parisian landmark.

What record will the Ain Dubai hold?

Ain Dubai is the world’s largest observation wheel. It has taken the record from High Roller in Las Vegas, USA, which measures in at 167 metres. The London Eye is tiny at 135 metres. Each permanent spoke that keeps the wheel from rolling away weighs around five tons and is the length of one football pitch. The weight of the Ain Dubai rim is equivalent to 16 Airbus A380s.

How much does a ticket cost?

The 48 Ain Dubai capsules will be able to accommodate up to 1,900 visitors at a time and, starting from Dhs130 per person, tickets for Ain Dubai are now on sale. There’s also a ‘Celebrate & Dine in the Sky’ package which includes a three-course mezze feast with waiting staff on hand, while the ‘Celebrate Ain Dubai Plus’ ticket covers a range of house, sparkling and bubbly beverage packages (access to cabin 21 plus only), as well as a private bartender to help keep the good times flowing. Now that is high living.

There are three types of pods opening to the public: observation cabins, social cabins and private cabins. The observation cabins make for top picks for families looking to take in the grandeur of Dubai’s skyline and score some supreme snaps. Meanwhile, the Ain Dubai social cabins are available with three-beverage ticket packages, and can even be upgraded to include your very own bar. Tickets from the social cabins also include access to Ain Dubai’s Seaview Lounge, which is back on terra firma and no doubt will be a top spot to take in the skyline. The Ain Dubai private cabins also have top billing, and are pitched at those celebrating a special occasion. Just about the only thing they lack is a bathroom (please, do not chance it).