Everything you need know to about Ain Dubai on Bluewaters Dubai

06 Sep 2022
Everything you need know to about Ain Dubai on Bluewaters Dubai

Dubai is renowned for its penchant for setting world records, particularly in the realm of mega-sized projects, where the city stands at the forefront. Adding another feather to its cap, Ain Dubai is set to launch later this year on Bluewaters Dubai.


As the world’s largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai has already captured hearts with its dazzling light displays, making it a favorite on Instagram. With Forbes declaring it as one of the must-see attractions of 2021, it’s sure to feature prominently on many tourists’ bucket lists.


Scheduled to open to the public on Thursday, October 21, here’s everything you need to know about Ain Dubai.


Where is Ain Dubai?

Situated on Bluewaters Dubai, Ain Dubai will be joining the esteemed ranks of Caesars Palace and Caesars Resort on the development that debuted in 2018. Accessible via a bridge from Sheikh Zayed Road, visitors can also reach the island through a picturesque 15-minute walk using the pedestrian bridge from Jumeirah Beach Residence, offering stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, Palm Jumeirah, and JBR.


How big is Ain Dubai?

Standing at over 250 meters high, Ain Dubai dwarfs iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and rivals the stature of the Eiffel Tower. Although it falls short of the Burj Khalifa’s mighty height of 830 meters, Ain Dubai’s construction utilized more than 9,000 tonnes of steel, surpassing even the Parisian landmark in steel usage.


What record will the Ain Dubai hold?

Ain Dubai clinches the title of the world’s largest observation wheel, surpassing Las Vegas’ High Roller and London’s renowned London Eye. Each permanent spoke that anchors the wheel weighs around five tons, equivalent to the length of a football pitch, while the weight of the Ain Dubai rim rivals that of 16 Airbus A380s.


How much does a ticket cost?

With 48 capsules accommodating up to 1,900 visitors at a time, tickets for Ain Dubai start from Dhs130 per person. Additionally, guests can indulge in the ‘Celebrate & Dine in the Sky’ package, featuring a three-course mezze feast, or opt for the ‘Celebrate Ain Dubai Plus’ ticket, offering a range of beverage packages and a private bartender for a truly luxurious experience.


What type of Ain Dubai pods will I be able to ride in?

Visitors can choose from three types of pods: observation cabins, social cabins, and private cabins. Observation cabins are ideal for families seeking panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline, while social cabins offer beverage packages and access to Ain Dubai’s Seaview Lounge. Private cabins cater to those celebrating special occasions, offering an exclusive and personalized experience.