Dubai Robots or: How smart machines are already the future

Robots are fast becoming a part of our daily lives and Dubai is using its position as a future-thinking city, driven by technology, to become one of the smartest cities in the world. A city where robots are set to play an increasingly important role.

Robotics is already impacting several vital industries, from manufacturing and surgery to security and deliveries.

Khalifa Al Qama, Director of Dubai Future Labs at Dubai Future Foundation told Euronews:

“We’ve been on this journey for the last 20 years, where robots are enabling digital services to provide extra levels of comfort to the citizens of the city… Because of that layer of infrastructure, now we can start benefiting from having robots exist within our societies to give us services.”

Industry impact

Healthcare is one key area where robotics is providing essential assistance.

Dr. Yaser Saeedi, a Consultant Urologist and Robotic Surgeon at Dubai Hospital, is the first Emirati trained in robotic surgery in his specialty of urology. He currently uses a fourth-generation robotic system developed by NASA. The Da Vinci Xi is considered the most advanced system currently available.

Dr. Yaser revealed the technology helps surgeons perform complex procedures, with advantages such as minimally invasive surgery and increased accuracy with the help of robotic arms.

“Now with robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery has evolved,” he shared with Euronews. “Outcomes are much better than traditional surgery – reduced blood loss, faster recovery and all these advantages… So the natural evolution of laparoscopic surgery is robotic surgery, and most surgeons are shifting gradually towards robotic surgery.”

Autonomous systems

AI and digitisation company DG World offers robotics, industrial automation and advanced mobility solutions, and has been capitalizing on the industrial sector’s move towards autonomous systems. The company develops self-driving trucks, small delivery vehicles and robotic arms. The Boston Dynamics autonomous robotic dog carries out inspection tasks, including investigating crime scenes and high-risk areas to retrieve data.

Matthias Krause, General Manager of DG World revealed, “There has been a significant increase in interest of Robotics, especially in the Boston Dynamics robotic dog. We have seen nuclear authorities looking into use cases. We have seen the police investigating massively, looking into how they can use it for or for civil different tasks, for crime scene monitoring and plenty of other uses and ideas. We had contact with Dubai Customs here which looked into advanced monitoring and repetitive monitoring of areas. So there was a lot of these kinds of applications, which more or less came from the customers.”

Source: Euronews