Dubai industries are shaped by smart machines

04 Nov 2022
Dubai industries are shaped by smart machines

Robotic technology is rapidly integrating into our daily lives, and Dubai, as a forward-thinking city driven by technology, is positioning itself as one of the world’s smartest cities. It is embracing the increasing role of robots in various sectors.

Robotics has already made a significant impact across critical industries such as manufacturing, surgery, security, and deliveries.

Khalifa Al Qama, Director of Dubai Future Labs at Dubai Future Foundation, explained to Euronews the city’s two-decade journey in leveraging robots to enhance digital services and provide greater comfort to its citizens. With a robust infrastructure in place, Dubai is now able to introduce robots into society to offer various services.

In healthcare, robotics is playing a crucial role. Dr. Yaser Saeedi, a Consultant Urologist and Robotic Surgeon at Dubai Hospital, highlighted his pioneering work as the first Emirati trained in robotic surgery within the urology field. He employs the advanced fourth-generation robotic system developed by NASA, called the Da Vinci Xi. This cutting-edge technology enables surgeons to perform complex procedures with minimally invasive techniques and enhanced precision using robotic arms. The benefits include reduced blood loss, faster recovery, and improved outcomes compared to traditional surgery. Robotic surgery is seen as the natural progression from laparoscopic surgery, with many surgeons gradually transitioning to this innovative approach.

DG World, an AI and digitization company, specializes in robotics, industrial automation, and advanced mobility solutions, capitalizing on the growing demand for autonomous systems in the industrial sector. The company develops self-driving trucks, small delivery vehicles, and robotic arms. Notably, their utilization of the Boston Dynamics autonomous robotic dog has attracted significant interest. The robotic dog is deployed for inspection tasks, such as investigating crime scenes and high-risk areas to gather valuable data.

Matthias Krause, General Manager of DG World, shared the rising interest in robotics, particularly the Boston Dynamics robotic dog. Nuclear authorities and law enforcement agencies are exploring its potential applications, including crime scene monitoring and civil tasks. Dubai Customs has also shown interest in advanced and repetitive monitoring of specific areas. These diverse applications reflect the growing demand for robotic solutions across various sectors, driven by the needs and ideas of customers.

Dubai’s proactive adoption of robotics is propelling the city towards a future where robots play an integral role in delivering advanced services and enhancing overall efficiency.