Dubai’s Industrial Landscape Influenced by Intelligent Machinery

04 Nov 2022
Dubai’s Industrial Landscape Influenced by Intelligent Machinery

The rapid integration of robotic technology into our daily lives is reshaping various sectors, and Dubai, renowned as a forward-thinking metropolis propelled by technological advancements, is positioning itself as one of the globe’s leading smart cities. It enthusiastically embraces the expanding role of robots across multiple domains.


Robotics has already left a significant mark on pivotal industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, security, and logistics.


Khalifa Al Qama, Director of Dubai Future Labs at Dubai Future Foundation, elaborated to Euronews on the city’s two-decade journey in harnessing robotic technology to bolster digital services and elevate citizen comfort. With a solid infrastructure in place, Dubai now introduces robots into society to deliver diverse services.


In healthcare, robotics assumes a pivotal role. Dr. Yaser Saeedi, a Consultant Urologist and Robotic Surgeon at Dubai Hospital, showcased his groundbreaking work as the first Emirati trained in robotic urological surgery. He utilizes the state-of-the-art fourth-generation robotic system, Da Vinci Xi, developed by NASA. This advanced technology empowers surgeons to conduct intricate procedures with minimally invasive methods and heightened precision through robotic arms. The advantages include reduced blood loss, accelerated recovery, and superior outcomes compared to traditional surgery. Robotic surgery emerges as a natural evolution from laparoscopic procedures, with many surgeons progressively embracing this innovative approach.


DG World, an AI and digitization firm, specializes in robotics, industrial automation, and advanced mobility solutions, capitalizing on the escalating demand for autonomous systems in the industrial landscape. The company pioneers self-driving trucks, compact delivery vehicles, and robotic arms. Particularly noteworthy is their utilization of the Boston Dynamics autonomous robotic dog, which garners considerable interest. This robotic dog is deployed for inspection tasks, such as probing crime scenes and high-risk zones to collect valuable data.


Matthias Krause, General Manager of DG World, highlighted the burgeoning interest in robotics, especially the Boston Dynamics robotic dog. Nuclear authorities and law enforcement agencies explore its potential applications, including crime scene surveillance and civil duties. Dubai Customs also expresses interest in advanced and repetitive monitoring of specific areas. These varied applications underscore the escalating demand for robotic solutions across diverse sectors, driven by customer needs and innovative concepts.


Dubai’s proactive embrace of robotics propels the city towards a future where robots play a pivotal role in delivering advanced services and augmenting overall efficiency.